There’s rarely an off-the-shelf solution because every company and every situation is different

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Business is complex: there are so many channels, so many audiences, and so much to do when it comes to communication.

We use our experience and extensive network to tailor our services to your business and your industry.

If you know what you need, we can hit the ground running and get on with implementation. But if you don’t know where to start, we will work with you to develop a strategy, craft and refine your story, and then ensure it is heard by the people who need to hear it, at the right time.

“Do it for me”

Often a client comes to us with a specific task that they need to outsource – it might be an important document, an upcoming event or a media opportunity they would like to leverage.

We are adept at quickly understanding an organisation so we can jump in and ‘get our hands dirty’ – delivering what you need on time, on budget and with minimal fuss.

“Do it with me”

There’s significant research that shows the companies who have the most engaged employees are the most successful. And from personal experience, we know that’s true. JAW Communications can help you assess how engaged your employees are and then work with you to develop strategies and plans to help increase their engagement.

We can also work with you to communicate complex change like restructures, rebranding, relocations or introducing new technology. We can help you determine how best to address and manage issues, identify stakeholders and develop strategies to bridge your communication gaps.

"Guide me”

JAW Communications can take an advisory role for business leaders, guiding the tactics and strategies implemented to manage your profile and reputation - and that of your organisation. Whether you need help aligning your strategy internally or driving your messages home in the public eye, we can help you engage people in the best way. We can help you plan for and manage through any issue, crisis or change that your company may face and provide coaching for media relations and presentations.

Take a look at Our Work for a better indication of what we can do and how we’ve responded to our clients’ individual communication needs.



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