Media Relations

It starts with a media release

Dealing with the media can be daunting. From the little things, like knowing how many kilobytes your ‘hi-res’ photo needs to be, to the big ones – like cold-calling to pitch a story. It’s also important to know where to look so you don’t miss any good mentions of your organisation, and lose an opportunity to leverage the press.

JAW Communications' experience in media monitoring, press releases, pitching and media liaison can be your asset. We’ve worked with the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) since 2012 to position the not-for-profit organisation forefront of the minds of donors and potential grant recipients.

We work actively to get their message into the media in a way that showcases this organisation to its audience. We do this by crafting regular press releases, monitoring and reporting on media, and working closely with journalists and media outlets to ensure deadlines are met and the right messages are getting to the right people.

You can see numerous examples of our press releases on the FRRR website and some of our favourite examples of media we’ve secured in both print and online publications on this website.