Communicate clearly: Align, Plan and Promote

This insight from JAW Communications was included in Fundraising and Philanthropy Magazine’s “Get Match Fit for 2020” editorial feature in December 2019. It is an excerpt from a round up of tips for clients from 15 specialists from The Xfactor Collective social impact community.

From a communications perspective, start by getting your team on the same page. Employees or volunteers – old and new – must understand what you do, why you exist, your priorities and your values. Don’t assume everyone knows – use the New Year to re-engage and re-energise your people.

The world is in a state of flux, and no organisation is immune. Issues can quickly escalate to crises, irrespective of whether you’ve made a simple but unfortunate mistake, or it’s something external, such as a cyber-attack or natural disaster. So, make sure your issues management plan is current, and the right people know what – and where – it is.

Finally, update your SEO. More and more people are asking Alexa or Siri and not touching a keyboard. That means that your SEO needs to become more conversational if people are to know what you do, where – and why.